Smithfield Location Only

Length of Class: 30 min  /  Free!

The Smithfield Aquatics Center and Alligator Steps have teamed up to offer you and your baby a special class designed for the tiniest of students. Infants 2-6 months and their parent or guardian can now attend an introductory water acclimation program for free! Year-round classes are held at the SRAC indoor facility and in the warm water pool to keep baby’s body temperature comfortable while they participate in this 30min class.



Research has shown that babies experience many benefits when exposed to early swim lessons. Each class focuses on your baby’s developing gross motor skills, as well as their social and emotional well-being. Some of the activities included in the WATER BABIES program are Music & Movement, Visual Tracking, Social Interaction, Breath-Control and Bonding Exercises. Babies are born with a natural love for the water – after all, they’ve been living in water for 9mo! By exposing them back into their natural environment (warm water in which they can move freely) we are able to facilitate and grow their natural-born talent for swimming!



Participants must pay the Annual Family Registration Fee of $25 in order to register. A parent or guardian must participate in the water with baby. Space is limited to 10 families and registration is on-going.

The shallow pool where class is held is kept at 89° year-round.

*Registration Fee Required