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Length of each lesson: 30min

By ‘Step 4’ your child is already independently “inching” their way through the water and is ready to strengthen those newly acquired swim skills.

The goal of this class is to learn and demonstrate proper swim techniques, giving students the skills necessary to swim the width of the pool with little to no assistance. Rotary (Side) Breathing will be introduced to enable students to achieve greater distances in the water.

Students will learn how to rotate from a rest position to a front crawl (free style swim) and return to a rest position as part of their “safety” training. Other learned skills in this level include “Popcorn” (bobbing for quick breath-control practice), “Turtle Swims” (sculling), “Sky Kicks” (Back flutter kicks), and “Deep Sea Dives” (retrieving objects from shallow waters).



An Advanced Intermediate Class for Preschoolers!

(Must complete Step 4 first.)



Requirements: Completion of Step 3/4 or has the ability to independently swim short distances with their head submerged.

Step 4

Group lessons are 30 minute classes with a 4:1 ratio. Students are put into lessons according to age and ability. The small class size creates a structured, positive and personal environment for your child to learn.

Lessons include the option to add-on unlimited ‘Splash Pool Play’ for $5/day at our Smithfield location!

*Registration Fee Required