Year-Round Swim Starts Sept. 18th  /  Registration Opens Sept. 1st


$105 for 6 Lessons  /  Length of each lesson: 30min

A perfect class for your beginning Swimmer! ‘Step 3’ is designed for first-time swim lesson students, and is dedicated to providing a positive experience for your child.

Preparation for independent swimming is the goal of this class! Fun activities to facilitate learning include ‘Dolphin Dips’ for breath control, ‘Shark Fin’ for stream-lining and ‘Kick-board Kicks’ for proper kicking instruction. Students will also be encouraged to practice submerging just below the surface to retrieve “treasure!” Students will also learn how to combine arm stroke with proper kicking technique to propel themselves forward in the water. Your child will begin to master the back-float and then learn how to roll over and swim to the wall.

Safety is an important part of learning to swim and therefore is a large part of our curriculum. Through swim lessons, children will learn how to safely and independently get to ‘safety’ in the pool. They will also learn safe ways to enter and exit the pool by themselves. Teaching young children their limits in the pool and how to respect the water is key in this class!

The Step 3 Class makes swim lessons fun for your child as they gain confidence in the water. After all, a confident swimmer is a happy swimmer!

Requirements: Completion of Step 2 or at least 2½ years of age.

Step 3 II

Group lessons are 30 minute classes with a 4:1 ratio. Students are put into lessons according to age and ability. The small class size creates a structured, positive and personal environment for your child to learn.

Lessons include the option to add-on unlimited ‘Splash Pool Play’ for $5/day!