Smithfield Location Only

Length of each lesson: 30min

 The objective of ‘Step 2’ is to help prepare young students for independent swim lessons. Parents participate in the water with their child to help facilitate with this goal. Each class builds upon the previous one, while building your child’s confidence in the water.

As the lessons progress, children will participate more frequently with the instructor in order to accomplish the necessary skill sets to “STEP UP” to independent lessons. To help keep your busy toddler engaged and focused in class, the Step 2 program incorporates colorful aquatic toys, fun games and innovative equipment designed specifically for young children.

Other fun equipment utilized in this program include the ‘Water Mat’ for kicking fun, ‘Bubble Mountain’ for aquatic climbing, and ‘Light-up Jellyfish’ for practicing arm strokes. Students will also gain a sense of independence and confidence in the water while exploring our “island” – a colorful swim platform that allows children to stand while in the middle of the pool.

In Step 2, our instructors work with both the parent and the child when teaching new swim skills. Each lesson consists of the following swim skill sets: Water Acclimation, Proper Kicking Techniques, Proper Arm Techniques, Simultaneous Arm & Leg Action, Breath Control, Back Floating, Roll-Overs and Water Safety. Join a class and see what you and your child can learn together!


Requirements: Must be 2 years of age or completed Step 1.

Group lessons are 30 minute classes with an 8:1 ratio. Parents participate with their child in the water.

Lessons include the option to add-on unlimited ‘Splash Pool Play’ for $5/day!

*Registration Fee Required