Smithfield Location Only

Length of Class: 30min

Wall Hang

Our ‘Step 1’ program is a water acclimation class that parents and children attend together. The class builds swimming readiness through the utilization of fun songs, games and motivational aquatic toys.

Parents and children participate in structured classes that help them learn basic water skills, including proper water entry & exit, holding positions, proper kicking techniques, gliding skills, breath control, back-floating, and beginning arm-stroke coordination. A portion of each class is dedicated to water safety and survival techniques:

  • Entering & Exiting the Pool Safely
  • The Roll-Over method for Breathing
  • Assisted & Independent Back floating

There are no prerequisites for this class, except age – Babies must be between 6-24mo.

Group lessons are 30 minute classes with an 8:1 ratio. Parents participate with their child in the water.

Lessons include an additional 30min of ‘Splash Pool Play’ For FREE!

*Registration Fee Required