Smithfield Location Only

Length of each lesson: 30min

*Independent Swim Lessons – Parents do NOT participate with their child in the water.

Step 2/3 is designed to help transition your toddler into independent swim lessons. Utilizing colorful toys and fun games, we keep your busy toddlers’ attention while introducing them to beginning swim skills and safety techniques.

In this class your toddler will become comfortable taking turns and waiting safely on the side of the pool. We will also introduce them to back floating and help them achieve comfort in this position as they lie calm on top of the water. Another skill that is taught is breath control, as they gain the ability to hold their breath while being submerged underwater. One of our final goals for this class is teaching your toddler how to Calm Swim (open swim propelled by kicks) short distances – 5ft. We will also teach them how to roll to their backs in order to take a breath.

Safety is an important part of learning to swim and therefore is a large part of our curriculum. Through swim lessons, children will learn how to independently get to “safety” in the pool. They will also learn safe ways to enter and exit the pool by themselves. Teaching young children their limits in the pool and how to respect the water is key in our beginner classes!


Requirements: Ages 18-30mo by invitation only. Ages 30-36mo open to all.

Group lessons are 30 minute classes with a 4:1 ratio.

The small class size creates a structured, positive and personal environment for your child to learn.

Lessons include the option to add-on unlimited ‘Splash Pool Play’ for $5/day!

*Registration Fee Required