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$17.50 per Lesson /  Length of each lesson: 30min



Private lessons are tailored to your child and their specific needs in the water.

Whether your child is young and requires one-on-one attention, or your child is swimming independently and needs help perfecting their stroke technique, Private Swim Lessons may be the way to go. Our instructors are trained to adapt the curriculum to fit the exact needs of your child when it comes to teaching them to swim. This dedication will help facilitate your child’s learning curve and provide faster results.



Here are some of the top reasons to enroll your child in Private Lessons:

  • Young children tend to have a hard time sitting on the wall and waiting their turn.
  • Some children are initially scared of the water, or intimidated by group lessons.
  • Your family has a pool or lives near a body of water and safety is a major factor for your child.
  • You may be seeking faster swim results for your child.
  • Your child is on the cusp of independent swimming and just needs a little extra attention to get there.
  • You are going on vacation where your child will be near a pool, ocean or lake.
  • Some children respond better to having the instructor’s full attention during swim lessons.



Requirements: Smithfield Location: 6mo – 10yr  /  Summer Locations: 3yr-10yr

Private lessons are 15 minute classes with a 1:1 ratio.

Lessons include the option to add-on unlimited ‘Splash Pool Play’ for $5/day at our Smithfield location!

 *Registration Fee Required