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Alligator Steps Learn & Swim! Program provides area families with an aquatic program that is specifically designed for young swimmers, ages 2mos – 10yrs. We are a proud member of the National Drowning Prevention Alliance (NDPA) and believe that every child should have the opportunity to learn safe behaviors around the water. Each class is taught by a highly trained Swim Instructor.

At Alligator Steps, we believe that exposing children to the water at an early age can help facilitate their growth and development in all areas, while teaching them to enjoy and respect the water. A portion of each lesson is dedicated to teaching your child water safety and survival techniques. Our ‘Step-Up’ program is designed to grow with your child, starting with a water acclimation class that parents and children attend together and “stepping” up to independent swimming.

About the Founder

Larissa, the founder of Alligator Steps, is WSI (Water Safety Instructor) Certified through the Red Cross and holds a BS from the University of Florida in Exercise and Sport Sciences – with a specialization in Fitness and Wellness. She holds a Certified Child Development Associate Degree with Directors Credentials, obtained from St. Petersburg University and is a Certified Swim Instructor through Swim Lesson University. She also holds her Infant/Toddler Instructor Certification through the USSSA (United Swim School Assoc.) in which Alligator Steps is a proud member. Larissa is a Mommy to 3 kiddos – Landon, Macie and Ryland!

The Beginning

It all began when Larissa became a mom! Stationed in Okinawa, Japan she opened her first Alligator Steps ‘Music & Movement’ program in 2008. She then continued to open the program in each new location that the Air Force sent their family; Spokane, WA in 2011, Incirlik AB in Turkey in 2012 (where the aquatic program was born) and the newest location was opened in North Carolina in 2015.

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